1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager Questions

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currently have 3.3L engine that is troubling - would like to replace engine - can i replace with the 3.8L engine ? - what changes will be required ? - where can i find the 3.8L engine ?
I had my alternator replaced a couple of weeks ago and ever since it does not start up without turning over several times. Now I had filled it with gas during my lunch period and went to leave work later,and it will not start.
Hello I have a problem with the trans also I will give all it information and observations I see. First the trans will not shift out of what ever gear it is in most like first. Which when the gas is released it deccelerates immediatly. I drove out to a friend to check the computer and the whole ride there the trans was fine. He pluged in the reader and the code was fine. However all winter the trans was fine shifting like normal. Today it was 81F outside and the moment I started it and put the van in drive form park it jerked forward like it does when I have this problem and the whole day it was doing this. I was told about the computer and the sensors being an issue and some of the solinoids being stuck I want to get an idea before I drop the engine and trans. I feel it is temp related.
The Ignition switch turn but will not start car.
Can't turn back far enough to remove key.
When turned all the way to right the dash lights up but will not engage started.
Battery is good.
It has an air bag in steering wheel. How do I remove switch?
How do I remove the headlight assemblies?

I'd like to try cleaning the plastic lenses or if this fails, replace the assembly. In either case, I'd like to remove the assembly for easier handling while cleaning.
1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager with 135K miles on 3.3 liter 4 speed (Ovr. Drv.)
At about 40 mph is starts to slightly shimmy in the front end and at 50 mph it is the most extreme, then will settle down at about 55mph.
Had the front end aligned and tires balance checked. The mechanic says they've run into the same thing and it turns out to be either the Tranny lock-in solenoid or the torque converter.
If it's the lock-in solenoid, is that one of the solenoids in the solenoid Block (mounter outside of the tranny? If so, I can replace that.
Is there a way to determine for sure which it is before having a shop tear it apart?
Is there an easy way to determine internal transmission problems yourself?

the fuel gauge hand went from 1/4 tank to empty on mile run then shut off. gas was put in then it ran for about ten miles and started loosing speed when accelerated it took off again after been towed the service tech suggested maybe the fuel pump was going bad.
Used to be sporadic not firing up problem and I was having to "bump" the key/starter a few times to get the van to start up. Now, the "bumping" doesn't work. Neighbor says he had a similar problem with his Grand Voyager that turned out to be an emergency fuel shut off switch, but I can't find one of these on my van. Any ideas of what to check for the problem and/or where to find the shut off switch?
i had the alternator checked at advance auto,they said it checked ok.would the voltage regulator be bad
would the voltage regulator in the computer cause the instrument gauges to go erratic. the charge indicator is in the red +.
if the instrument cluster is defective can it be repaired or does it have to be replaced.
gauges go erratic. this is the only thing affected.the computer that is located next to the battery has been replaced. would the voltage regulator in the computer cause the gauges to go crazy.
all gauges quit working and then they will start working on and off.i have replaced computer,and gauges still go erratic.the computer was the one next to the battery.will the voltage regulator in the computer cause this
As I'm driving my car I'll come to a complete stop then I'll push in the gas the car will go a few feet and start coasting with my foot on the gas. Then I have to press and unpress the gas several times to get the car to go foward. Once I get past the thirty mile an hour mark the car does fine but every time i come to a complete stop and then try to speed up i have to do this little routine.
I checked so far , no sparks , no injector pulse , no fuel , no power going to the ign. coil. I my guess is that the vehicle's computer is bad. what else it could be besides the computer ?
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