I tightened my negative and the positive battery cables and makes a noise

Ac works but when I move the switch passed halfway it makes a loud noise

It's bee like this for 2 months. I replace a idler, fuse, air filter, spark plugs, battery.

I'm getting loud knocking & and squeaking noises from under my car. The squeaking sounds like a tensioner but it not because the noise only happens when the car is moving. The knocking sounds much like a loose muffler or tailpipe, (or 2 or 3) but it's tight. Could it be that the noises are bad shocks & struts? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Fan blower/knob is a bit noisy on high but works fine.

the magnet came loose and broke the sensor

I need the firing order

starts and runs great till shortly after it reaches normal running temp then it shuts down, open hood n let it cool, starts right up n then we repeat this process...put a new coil pack in it n still does this.

spark plugs are white and I pulled fuel line from fuel rail once and it was full of air.