1993 Plymouth Acclaim Questions

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Sounds like an aluminum bat rolling around in the trunk whenever I take off from stop signs or go around curves. Coming from rear drivers side. Shocks have been changed.
Where can I find the anchor point to install a child seat?
Did full tune up, egr valve, and converter.
this car is not a acclaim or a2.5
its a plymouth sundance and a 2.2
i hooked a scanner to my car and it said DTC: 17
1: coolant system temperature remains below normal(cars 1985-97)
(trucks/vans) 1987-97)(jeeps1993-97)
2. knock sensor circuit problem
(1985-86 turbo vehicles only)

1: so what should i do for coolant system?
and 2: what should i do about my knock sensor? does my car even have a knock sensor?
any help would be great. thank you.
the new surpentine belt keeps coming off every time we start it any suggestions?
Checked balljoints,tierods,bushings,swaybarr,A-arms,struts seem fine. nothing loose everything solid. Im mechanicaly inclined and out of ideas. I heard strut bearings but it dont squeek its a metal on metal sound.
turn signal when clicked to the right or left, left nor right will not flash on or off,or the green arrow willn't light up on the dash, however the outside directional lights either it be right or left will light up bright . All my lights come on its just the signal lights will'not flash!
how do i change the crossover tube on my 1993 plymouth acclaim?
windshield wiper fuse blew and it had a 25 amp fuse in it replaced it with the proper 20 amp fuse blew next day then tryed another 25 amp and it burnt up and now my car wont start.
coolant leaking under intake can't tell where
could it be waterpump leaking
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