1990 Plymouth Acclaim Questions

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I recently purchased two new headlights for my car (the old ones were getting really foggy and scuffed). I am just unsure of how to go about removing the old headlights in order to replace them with the new ones I purchased.
fuse is good brake switch is good but i have no brake lights
To start off, the car I'm asking about is not a Plymouth Acclaim. It's a 1988 Plymouth Horizon, they just didn't give that option when I started. So, I'm looking to buy this car, but it doesn't have any plates on it, so we can't drive it the hour plus to our mechanic with no plates, and he's way too busy to come out and look at it. The exhaust is LOUD and the guy trying to sell it to us says that the exhaust pipe has a leak in it. The car has a catalytic converter, so we figure it would be more expensive than if it didn't, but we still don't know about what it would cost. I'll probably call my mechanic at some point and ask a ballpark of him too, but I just want to know about what it looks like, given that I'll probably have to buy the car before it sees our mechanic.
unable to stop car with ease. adjusted brakes. bled system front and rear. added fluid. vacuum hose ok. still have to press brake pedal very hard to try and stop car. I guess master cylinder and/or booster is next? help again!
The oil pressure light is coming on after about ten minutes of running. I've replaced the sending unit, cleaned the dip screen, replaced the oil. Afraid it may be the pump. No knocking and lots of oil splashing around when I open tappit cover, so it seems plenty of oil is making it to the top of engine. I dont want the hassle or expense of this repair if i'm just missing something simpler.
I need to replace my rear main seal, but the jist of my question is, do I have to pull the motor, or is there another way to do it?
Replaced new caliper and pads still will not release
The water is clean and comes only from under the dash on the pass. side. The car does not overheat and runs perfect. When it rains, I see no water coming in from the door. I looked at the shelf in front of the windshield and found that tere is six screws there to hold the black plastic thing in place and found that no longer do they hold anything. They have nothing to go into anymore. The water is clean anf clear.
Do I access it through the trunk or how do I get the brake lamp cover off to change the light?
This is on a 1989 Plymouth Reliant...
I bought this car used last year and it has a moisture leak in the passenger side head light but i cant afford to buy a new one. I keep burning out bulbs and im on my last spare. Any suggestions?
I left my car lights on, so I had to get a jump.right after that my windows don't want to work and I have no heat and the defroster doesn't want to work either.
i need to know how to set the timing on a plymoth acclaim 1990 v-6 with ac i know the tops have to be in line with the notches but the bottom i had to take the sigh off to get to the timing belt cover so do i need to put it back on to time it
turn signle when clicked to the right or left, left nor right will not flash on or off,just the green arrow will light up on the dash and the outside directional lights either it be right or left will light up bright but not at the same time. for example click the right turn signle on and 1- you get your right arrow on the dash to illuminate and the out side right side only to light up bright but there is no flashing indicating to the other drivers that you plan on turning right.when the hazard light switch is turned on all the turn signle lights will flash on and off even on the dash board both green arrows will flash on and off.
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