Q: plugs and wires on 2006 Cadillac CTS

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how do you replace the spark plugs and wires? i dont see them
(2) Answers
You have a coil on top of each plug, remove the coils to get to the plugs. Make sure you use the correct plugs, look on the emission sticker to know which ones to use.
I think the question is where are they? The engine and plugs and everything else for this car are hidden under the "cover" for the engine. that is the big plastic cover that looks like it is metal and seems to hide the entire engine. It looks high tech, but is actually just a plastic cover and is under the bar that goes across the entire engine. To take it off, simply, but carefully, pry it up from the corners. this cover just snaps on to the top of the screws, not latched. it is a snap-on cover. lift it up then slide it from under that bar. It will come off or rather "pop-off" rather easily. Once you get this off, you will see the plugs and wires and everything else. hope this helps.