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Q: Plug replacment, all 16 of them. on 2007 Dodge Ram 1500

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Need a detailed answer on how someone can do this with mid to good mechanical know-how. I’ve replaced plugs before in just about everything from a Bentley to a Roswell UFO. To be's a flying saucer and runs on Rattlesnake pee. Anyway, I know I’ve got 16 plugs to replace and that some are difficult to get to. Especially the ones under the master cylinder I hear? Does anyone have any experience with this? What tools came in handy? Please be as specific as you can, and if ya must use a crayon, please don’t worry about me being upset that you might be making fun of me…just remember, I have a flying saucer! LOL Thanks for any advice you fine folks can provide and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (political correctness be damned).
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You may not know this but put the OE recommend plugs in the truck is regular copper core plugs. The ignition system is designed to use regular copper plugs, not Double Platinum or Iridium. This means the plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles. That is OE recommendation. NOT 100,000 MILES.
The repair is not difficult, just take your time and do one plug at a time. Good Luck
Yeah, knew that. Already have 16 Champion(copper)spark plugs. Heard all kinds of stories about people getting hipo plugs and the motor runs like a old people having sex...slow and sloppy. Just getting to the back plugs is going to be an issue. Thanks for the reminder though...good to know some folks pay attention to the details, know what I mean? You a Ram/HEMI owner?
I think I'm qualified. I've only been in the auto repair industry for about 46 YEARS! If you don't think you can't replace 16 plugs in a V-8 then take it to someone who can.
Wow! If you can do it on a Roswell...surely all SIXTEEN spark plugs on a Dodge Truck would be easy! All my skills, tools, and experience...even I cannot replace more than eight plugs. (unless I do it twice)
The new HEMI's have 2 plugs per cylinder. Roswell is a town in New Mexico. Now if you guys are done making fun of me...very funny stuff btw. Like Parts Guy said, will have to take my time. Cant afford the $200 plus right now to have someone else do it, going to be fun. Thanks for your advice gentlemen. Have a good one.
Double the fun? I was thinking perhaps efficiency, w/o researching why. If ya know...clue me in.
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