Q: Plug rear ac unit off. Need where to find plug for line. on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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Had ac unit tested last week for leak, hole in aluminum line that runs from front ac to rear ac. would like to plug off rear ac and use only front ac. No mechanical defects with ac, aluminum line cost more than i want to invest in van. Need to find plug and repair info.
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Try they have rear a/c block kits for lots of different vehicles
This was the perfect answer i was looking for. The block kit i bought fit perfectly and took about 15 minutes to install. Highly recommend this web site
WOW had the parts to fix my dodge van also I was drerading spending $1000 to get my a/c fixed. Couldnt have asked for a better reccomendation!!! Highly reccomended!
These site was the greatest to deal with. Pam was very friendly and helpful at getting me the correct part for my Trailblazer. The kit fit perfectly and took about 15 minutes to install. The total cost to block off the rear ac was less than $200 with freon. I highly recommend this web site. The repair shop quoted me over $1500 to fix it. Their kit saved my over $1300. Thanks!!!
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