Plug Lead Orientation on 1994 Mercedes-Benz S500

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I need to find out the full and proper plug lead orientation for my 1994 S500 W140 V8. I have installed new plugs and rotor arms and distributor caps, I just need the orientation now of which plug lead goes from which contact on the distributor to each plug
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Your vehicle should have the distributorcaps labeled with what cylinder each wire goes to. On the cap, next to each tower, (that the wires connect to) is a letter number combination, example L1. that means if that cap is on the left side of the motor(driver's side) it will go to cylinder number. The cylinder numbers should be atop the valve cover. Both distributor caps and rotors are identical, that is why they have the designations on the cap itself, so you can put them at either side of the motor. Good luck.