Q: PLEASE HELP on 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

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2001 gmc sierra 2500hd 8.1 ltr Two weeks ago i had my cam shaft positioning sensor replaced and i changed the oil and put fuel injector cleaner in her and filled her up( fuel pump and filter 6 mnths old). This weekend I changed my spark pugs and wires. It drove awsome yesterday. Today I am driving and pull up to a red light and it stalls. so i put it in neutral and she restarts it stalled 3 diferent times. WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN ? PLEASE HELP THANKS
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does it still have camshaft pos sensor code does it have maf sensor in intake hose shake wire to maf sensor see if it cut off
can you please explain more? the cam shaft positioning sensor was just changed. is there and where is the crankshaft sensor??
Engine code at all? If there are come in to our shop in Burbank, or if your shop offers a warranty for their work take it back to them to see if it's a defective part or another problem. Call us at 818-846-2210 if u have any questions!

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sorry man I am in canada right now. Do you have any suggestions I can fix myself??