Q: Plastic Piece in door keeps breaking and window falls down in door. on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

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The windown on driver's side plastic piece keeps breaking.Can it be replaced with something made other than plastic? The window doesn't crack but it falls down and the plastic piece is broken. It has done this now 3 times. Help me.......
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I don't know of any metal replacement parts for plastic window attachments brackets. Perhaps something in the window mechanism is bent or binding causing undue strain on the plastic clips. I have not heard of repeated failure of these clips before. Does anyone else out there have something to add?
I have had all four of my windows in my 1999 Grand Am do that 3 times each. I am now on the fourth time with 3 of them! I would say that is a serious design flaw!
I actually have the same problem with my pontiac grandam dad suggested that i buy the entire window component bcz it is going to be a recurring problem. were u ever able to get a viable solution to ur problem?