Q: Piston on Rear brake calipers will not go in. on 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

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Even though bleeder is open and "c" clamp applied, the piston on the caliper will not retract enough to allow yoke to fit over new pads. There is still about 3/8" retraction required.
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That's because it needs to be twisted in like a screw. Go buy a repair manual and hope you didn't mess it up with the c-clamp.
Thanks for the advice.
The chevy garage service man said use a C clamp. Probably trying to get more business.
Thanks again.
calipers must be turned in use indentations in calaper good needle nose plyers will work push and turn not sure of direction observe as you do it for direction
There is a tool you need to buy that is called a rear brake piston tool or something like that, it's about 10-12 dollars.
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