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Q: performance issue on 2005 Honda Civic

Civic 2005, done 52000 KM. Igot it second hand with 25000 KM, soon after that I noticed that when Iam driving around 80km/h , slow down to 40km/h and then try to speed up again the kind of gets lost and start screeming with no gear in effect, it take a second or 2 to get the first gear in and then the RPM is too high forcing me to release the pedal.
I discussed this with my dealer who did not know what to do, they replaced the transmission with no success, still the issue.they tried few other things like configuring the contoller and checking all possible related causes.
one more thing is it used to to do 400-420 KM per tank (45 Liter) no it does only around 350 KM with the same amount??
can you please help
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Akram, did they check the clutch disc when they had the transmission out of the car. It sounds like the clutch is not locking up (being clamped tight between the clutch pressure plate and flywheel), with the clutch components removed I suspect that the flywheel is going to show signs of heat checking and may need to be resurfaced. Mileage is low for clutch problems. I wonder also if the clutch master cylinder has sufficient clearance at the clutch pedal if it doesn't it could preload the clutch and cause it to slip.
Most important did the dealer that replace the transmission go for a drive with you first to experience the problem before replacing the transmission. You have to make sure they experience the problem with you in the car so that they are on the right track in diagnosing the problem and correctly repairing the problem.
thanks for the quick reply.
My honda is Auto trans and this is the problem it decides when to kick the gear.
I have recently tried 1998 civic it does not have this issue.
the delaer vame with me for a drive , I showed them the issue, but the answer was "all Civic cars behaive the same", they even let me drive another Civic 2004 and it has the same issue.
eventually they told me that only 2004 nad 2005 Civic have this performance thing and nothing they cna do.
I thought somebody else may have had this and could help.
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