Q: perform service on 2001 Chrysler LHS

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every time i start my car a beep is heard and on the overhead console (EVIC) it reads perform service.i have looked in the owners manual about this message and it doesnt say anything..was wonder was this means
(3) Answers
I had the same thing ....go to fuse box and pull out fuse 29 , start engine, turn off then replace fuse it will work for sure.
If your service interval was set for, say, 3000 miles, and you've gone 3500 miles since your last oil change, you might hear the beep and see "Perform Service." Step your way through your car's menu options using the buttons by the rearview mirror and either increase the service interval or tell your car you've changed the oil by resetting the service interval. Your choice. Some oil change places don't reset the menu for you, which would be a nice thing for them to do so you only would get the alert when you do need an oil change.