Q: passenger side power sliding door on 2005 Saturn Relay

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My passenger side power sliding door closes but does not completely latch. It jumps back about 10mm or 3/8". i can hear the motor tring but the final latch does not engage. I have tried to clean the pogo pin contacts and corresponding contacts on the door jamb. Is there a senor or fuse that could cause this problem? is there anything i can do to solve this in my driveway?
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Check the rubber stripping that goes along the bottom of the side panel. That's what ours was.
I have had this same problem with my driver's side door for a while, when I would take it to the dealer while under warranty they said it is normal for a sliding door to do that. Whatever! I have read reviews where the door has come open on people while driving, luckily mine has never done that. I also clean the sensor and pins and it seems to start acting ok for a little while. Now my passenger side has started having this issue and it was the rubber stripping along the bottom, it was bent and coming loose. There is a fuse that you can remove that will deactivate the power sliding door, the fuse panel is on the passenger side on the side of the dash. Check your manual for a diagram of the fuses.
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