Q: Passenger HID headlamp switching off... on 2004 Lexus ES330

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The passenger HID headlamp is switching off, more frequent when damp conditions are present. Recently replaced both headlamp bulbs. If i switch the headlights setting from auto to man. or man. to auto the light will switch back on.. I have been pulled over by the local police, and given a warning. It's serious pain in the neck, is it a ballest or relay.. Some solid advice would be much appreciated

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There is a separate head light control module for each front head light in the area just under or part of the head light assembly. I had a similar problem with an IS300 that had a small chip in the headlight allowing water into the headlight module, it was expensive to replace the damaged lamp and module. Is best to have it properly diagnosed by someone familiar with these cars as the component parts are expensive.
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