Q: Passenger door will not open from the outside. on 2003 BMW 330Ci

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I can not open the passenger door from the outside. It will open from the inside. I have my grandkids with me a lot and am afraid if something happens, no one can open the door to help them. My car is a two door. I pressed a lot of "buttons" and may have triggered a code and need to know if this is possible and what I can do to "unlock" it. The car runs great and looks new. I brought it in Oct. 2009. I don'thave an owners manual. It is fully loaded. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you. Avis Branch
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Hi Avis,
Well done on your description of the fault. It is likely a bowden cable or the outer door handle mechanism has failed.
Can resistance be felt/heard? If not cable has come off/broken or the mechanism the outer door handle is attached to has indeed broken.
If so, possible issue the door lock actuator

Unfortunately i suggest taking the car to a mechanic or your local dealer to have the door trim removed and fault inspected. Several reasons, if you have little mechanical experience, things WILL get damaged, you need access to T20 torx screw drivers and can be very time consuming if you have never done it before.
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Goodluck Avis
Its easy to get the door panel off. I have the same problem. the outside handle feels "loose" ie. no cable connected to it. It has either become unhinged or broken. I feel though this is really bad reflection on German engineering and BMW in general that something like this should happen. considering the price you pay for these cars, non of my cheaper cars have ever experienced this problem!