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Parking brake cable adjustment

(2008 Chrysler Town & Country)
in Dunnellon, FL on February 06, 2011
i just replaced the front parking brake cable because the old cable pulled thru the ferrule on the end. the replacement cable is an exact replacement part purchased from a mopar dealer. i cannot connect the front cable end to the rear cable bracket. there doesn't seem to be sufficient cable length even if i pull the cable taut. it seems to be almost 2 inches short of making the connection. is there some adjustment that i have to make to close the gap?
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on February 09, 2011
Please Read entire procedure:
Release the parking brake. Raise and support the vehicle. Manually release the automatic adjuster mechanism tension of the parking brake lever assembly on the cables. Remove the front cable from the routing clips fastened to the underbody of the vehicle. Collapse the front cable retainer fingers at the end of the cable housing where it contacts the intermediate bracket. Using an appropriate size box wrench works well to do this. . Pull the front cable out of the intermediate bracket .
Lower the vehicle. . Remove left front door opening sill scuff plate.
Remove lower cowl trim. Remove interface connector retaining clips from parking brake lever . . Disconnect wiring connector at parking brake indicator lamp switch. . Remove three mounting nuts , then remove parking brake lever from cowl and place it on driver's floor. NOTE: Prior to removing cable from lever, note cable routing through lever for ease in reassembly. Remove front cable button from lever. . Collapse the front cable retainer fingers at the end of the cable housing Using an appropriate size box wrench works well to do this. . Separate cable from parking brake lever . . Lift back the carpet and remove the cable routing P-Clip from the weld stud. Pull the cable seal loose from the floor pan.
Pull the front parking brake cable out of the vehicle through the hole in the floor pan .
Pass most of the front parking brake cable down through the access hole in the floor pan from inside the vehicle. Insert the lever end of the front parking brake cable through the mounting hole in the parking brake lever. Slide it through until the retainer fingers on the end of the housing lock in place. Make sure all fingers are engaged preventing removal of cable from bracket. Pull button on end of cable strand out of housing and route into lever, then attach the front cable button to the lever mechanism. Slide any extra cable back into housing. . Position parking brake lever over mounting studs, against left lower cowl . Install three mounting nuts . Tighten all three nuts to 28 N·m (21 ft. lbs.). . Install the front parking brake cable floor pan seal into the hole in the floor pan . Install the cable routing P-clip onto the weld stud. . Reposition the carpeting back down on the floor. Connect wiring connector at parking brake indicator lamp switch. Attach interface connector to parking brake lever . Install lower cowl trim.
Install left front door opening sill scuff plate. . Raise and support the vehicle. Pass the end of the front cable through the hole in the end of the intermediate bracket . Press the cable housing retainer through the hole until the fingers on the retainer lock it into place. Attach the front cable to the routing clips fastened to the underbody of the vehicle. . Attach the equalizer to the three parking brake cables and reset the automatic adjuster tension on the cables. PARKING BRAKE AUTOMATIC ADJUSTER TENSION RESET
Wipe the front parking brake cable strand clean at the intermediate bracket area. CAUTION: Do use any type of sharp instrument directly on the cable strand to hold it in place. Damage to the cable strand or coating can occur. Clamp an appropriate pair of pliers (vise grips)on the front parking brake cable button only and pull the cable stand rearward until it stops, then grasp the front cable strand and hold it in this position. Remove the pliers from the button. While holding the front cable in this position, install the equalizer (attached to both rear cables) on the front parking brake cable. Release the grasp on the front parking brake cable.
Lower the vehicle. Apply and release the parking brake lever one time. This will seat the parking brake cables and allow the auto adjuster in the parking brake lever mechanism to correctly tension the parking brake cables. Lower the vehicle. Apply and release park brake pedal one time. . Check operation of parking brakes.
on February 10, 2011
hey johnny. thanks for your answer..but i had already done as you say but the cable is still too short to put the button end thru the equalizer. it's an inch or so from passing thru the equalizer hole. maybe i'm not pulling on the cable end hard enough but it seems to extend as far as possible. is there some way to release the spring tention so that i can gain length on the cable? it doesn't seem that there is but just thought i'd ask..what started this whole thing was the end of the cable that attaches to the parking brake pedal assembly pulled thru the end "button". so i bought a new chrysler cable and figured i was smart enough to install it. but i just can't seem to get enough lengthg on the cable to fasten it to the equalizer. the pedal mechanism seems to be working fine, i see nothing obviously wrong with it. i wonder if there could be something that happened to it when the cable end came off. is there anything else that you can think of for me to do or check? i pulled one of the back wheels off thinking that maybe there was something that i need to do with the parking brake mechanism but i never took anything else apart. it looks as though the rear cable end where it hooks onto the mechanism only has about 3/4 " cable length before it "bottoms out " so there seems to be not much that i could gain by unhooking it and then trying to get it hooked up again.. i'm not sure what other problems i could run into if i did unhook it. if you can think of anything else that i could be not doing , please let me know. thanks again for you help/andy..

after rereading your procedure there are a few things that i should say/ask..i did not raise the car while installing the new cablenor did i raise it to try to attach the cable ends to the retainer. what is the purpose for raising the car ? if it is to gain access or does it have something to do with the actual installation/resetting procedure ? you mention parking brake automatic adjuster tension. what is that ? is it the pulling of the cable end to attach it to the equalizer or is it more that that ? sorry for sounding like a blockhead but i am just trying to figure out where i went wrong. i'm at the point of removing the pedal bracket again and giving it a good going over but as i said before it looked okay to me as i installed the new cable to it. i actually have a photo of it that you could look at but i don't know how to attach it to this message.
on July 21, 2013
One of the difficult actions in this procedure is the removal of the pedal mechanism. Pull the broken cable up through the floor and lay across the front floor towards the passenger seat. This will give you some leverage to jiggle the mechanism out of the tight space below the dash. Once the pedal is out, don't disconnect the old cable until you have used two alternating pairs of locking pliers to pull the cable outwards against the coil spring action inside the pedal mechanism. Once the cable button is opposite the exit hole, drill a small hole through the side of the cable takeup wheel and set in a screw or straight pin to jam the wheel in this position. This will allow you the slack to make all your connections with the new cable. After everything has been reinstalled and connected, pull out the screw or pin. Things will snug up and you'll be in business.
on October 13, 2014
This helped me in replacing the cable this weekend. What a PIA! But, I did see that there is already a pin hole in the mechanism, but it has to be wound completely! It's at the bottom, there are matching holes on each side and once you get the gear wound all of the way, they line up with a hole in the gear. It takes a LOT of force to wind it all while making sure the tensioner release lever stays depressed. It only took me 2 hours and dozens of attempts. Best of luck to everyone attempting this! I can't believe there are so many failures on this parking brake cable!!
on November 16, 2012
Did you ever figure out how to make the cable extend far enough to attach? I am dealing with a similar problem.
on November 17, 2012
long story short...what i found was that when the cable came loose the sudden jar jammed the whole lever mechanism and it jumped several teeth..i just couldn't get the mechanism to release so i bought a new lever assembly which included a cable..when i installed the new assembly it went together just fine and the cable hooked up without a problem..guess i should have known better but i was trying to save a few bucks by just buying the cable at i have a spare cable !! but the brake mechanism works fine >> i bought the parts from rt partsco in tampa florida..they are actually a mopar dealer with a wholesale parts sales division..their prices and delivery are great..check them out on . hope this helps...
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