Q: parking brake on 1994 Mazda B3000

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i started the truck this morning to take my girlfriend to work backed up like i always do to swing by her car ad when i went to take off the truck would not move i tried several times and the truck just kept stalling out upon closer inspection i noticed the parking brake pedal was extremely tight when i tried to re-engage so i assume that the parking brake itself has either locked up or frozen it is winter here and about 20 degrees i just need some advice or ideas the only idea i can come up with is to completely unhook the p brake
(1) Answer
get under the truck and have a good size hammer in your hand. hit the backing plate with the hammer. it usually is enough to release the brake. you may have to do it several times. if it does, do not use it again till you replace the cables that are frozen.
i do not reccomend disconnecting the system.