Q: park, reverse, drive lights on shifter don't work on 2004 Jeep Liberty

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These interior lights used to work, but now they don't. It's very hard to shift while driving at night. I have to turn the overhead light by the rear view mirror on to tell if I'm in drive. There's nothing in the owner's manual about these lights, so I don't know which fuse to look at. Anyone else had a similar issue? How did you resolve it?
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Try adjusting the brightness for the interior lights, there is a knob on the left hand side of the dash for this. If the lights on not come on when you open the door, then the interior light switch module or door switch(s) need to be inspected.
I have the brightness for the interior lights set at high - the next click turns on the interior lights. All interior lights come on when I open the door. It's just the park, reverse, drive, neutral, etc panel lights that won't come on. That's fine during the day when I can see the panel, but at night, the panel is dark and I'm guessing when I'm shifting.
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