Q: park neutral safety switch could be shot or turned wrong way. How do I know &fix on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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I replaced steering column and it drove (a little rough at first) from madras to crooked river ranch. Replaced battery and column and turned key to accessory and got power to EVERYTHING. My lights, blinkers, windows, dash, etc.. Then I turned key further to start position and nothing happened. No noise, absolutely nothing. So, I tried to by pass by jumping the solinoid and it started up, ran good for about 2-3 seconds and then shut itself off. It did not sputter out or die out, it quickly stopped itself dead in its tracks and just shut down. Almost like the car realized "hey im not supposed to be running." Its getting plenty of fuel to the engine and Ive also got spark. I think my problem is electrical, and I think its my park neutral safety switch. When I installed the new column I messed with the little plastic park bar, manually, in order to get the gear shift on the column lining up correctly. Is it possible that caused the neutral safety switch to move with the gear shift but then not align itself back up correctly since I was doing it manually? And if thats the case, then how would I go about aligning it correctly again? Or is it possible that the park neutral safety simply went out, and if so how do I know?
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security issue. there is a sequence for the computer to re learn the password after replacing the column. turn the key and try to start then release the key to the on position. wait 10 minutes or till the security light goes out. do this 3 times and after the third time it should start.

ok so I want to try what you suggested but I put the ignition switch on wrong. (The piece connected to the harness) and the key wouldnt turn so I dropped the steering column down again and moved the position one notch toward me and put it back on and its still now lined up correctly cuz now accessory position comes on when the key is in start position. What am I doing wrong and how do I install this switch correctly,, I had it at one point but I cant remeber how my friend did it.