Q: P2181 code + engine starting trouble on 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

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P2181 code. VIC reading for the cooling shows normal op. temp. 194- 200. sometimes it shows nothing and a code pops P 2181.
Several times I've had engine starting problems.
The engine cranks several times I turn the key off retry after cranking several more times it starts.
Under the VIC I get a red Z type error with back word parenthesis’. The code remains P2181

Please help
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I figure the P2181 is going to be a sensor. I've watched the temp for several days and it's been excellent.
I'm just not sure about the not starting, it has a tip switch not a key.
I've just come back from driving it and made several stops and restarted it with no problem at all.

Confusing too say the least.
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