Q: p1309 on 2000 Kia Sportage

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p1309 chassis acceleratior sensor
located the part on the car but dont know how to check it and/or dont know its function
(1) Answer
A sensor attached at the chassis in the engine bay on drivers side. Tells ecm to ignore misfire codes when driving on rough rodes. Found rest of this online:

There is a intermittent connection problem in connectors C123 and C124. This two connectors are located above the starter, below the Lower intake. These two connectors send a 5Volt Ref signal to the TPS, MAF, Chassis Accel sensor,EVAP pressure sensor, etc.
This Problem normally causes codes P0122, P1309, P0452, P0101, and occasionaly others. These connectors must be unhooked, cleaned, inspected, modified, and a New Type spring retainer clip is put on them to hold them together.
This occurs with late 99-02 sportages as well, though they are not covered under the recall, and will have to be paid out of pocket, or like me, repaired on your own.
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