Q: p1071 and p1074 codes on truck did not start first time then started now brakes on 2006 Ford F-150

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brakes are not working properly hard to push down
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You have a massive vac leak. It's in the PCV system. Something about Fords is that just past your bumper to bumper warranty their vacuum hoses develope a hole. Your gas mileage has got to be great, NOT.
your right ford fixed for free!! was a recall good thing i am broke christmas you know.
Unfortunately you are going to be a lot more broke with our KING BARRY for the next four years.
PO171 and PO174 I think is what you mean. Check for vacuum leak at brake booster circuit. (hose ect.) Repair BEFORE driving might have to stop quickly!!!
thanks how hard to reach this part i think right behind motor? 12-29-12 after cheching online found recall from ford they repaired free!!also had recall on air bag harness all working great.