Q: P0864 scan code - trans control mod on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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Just finished R&R on broken valve due timing belt slipping: not getting any spark when went to start. Scan code read TCM - communication current range. Had to remove overhead cam sensor to remove valve head. Do I need to reset cars computer or where would sensor prob be coming from? Any help appreciated.
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When disconnecting the power supply (Battery), its a practice to reset the angle on the throttle body so that the ECM gets the proper input. After making sure all mechanical procedures are set properly, connect the battery. Turn ignition ket to the on position without strating the car. Gradually, press on the acelerator pedal until it it completely pressed, hold for 5 seconds and release in a gradual motion also. Perform this step 3 times and then start the car and take for a drive to see if transmission shifts properly. There are times when inproper shifting occurs after the power supply has been removed.
You should not have to do anything after you repair the head and r&r the cam sensor. Be SURE that the static timing is RIGHT ON. Also, check you crank sensor, make sure that the tach moves while you crank the engine over. The TCM code is another issue, that would cause a shift problem. I would go back and check all the steps of your work, step by step, i don't mean this as an insult, but it is easy to switch connectors on a German car, they don't make them 'idiot proof'.
I was very careful to number each connection w tape as I dismantled so I feel good about that. I had thought a sensor was not reading or needed resetting (manual mentioned speed sensor would trigger this) which triggered a non-spark in ignition sys. but was not sure what sensor to look for. Has gas flow but no spark.