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Q: P0441 on 1997 Toyota Camry

What would be the most common reason for a code of P0441. improper evap purge flow. And what is a possible repair?
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Check that none of the small (3/8 diameter) hoses were not accidentally knocked off at the rear side of the air filter housing, happens a lot when people replace the air filter and sets evap code.
It could be a hose attached to the purge VSV. The purge VSV (motorized value) allows VPS (vapor sensor) to determine whether there is a vapor pressure difference between the fuel and the charcoal canister.

When I was replacing the EGR VSV which is located at the bottom of the engine, I removed the hoses to the purge VSV thinking that I found the VSV I wanted to replace for a different engine code. When I discovered the EGR VSV was near the bottom of the engine, I put the three hoses back on but the purge VPS, but I put VPS hose on port F instead of port E and it gave me a P0441. It took a lot of research to find a 1997 EVAP diagram with the hoses and the ports. My point is that one of the hose could be clogged on the purge VSV and give you that code.

Some helpful sites that discuss that problem

In the repair manuals they always show the 1999 Camry picture which has the charcoal canister and purge VSV before the muffler, but in 1997 in was in the engine compartment, next to the air cleaner.
toyota has tons of evap problems. they reccomend replaceing the cannister assembly. first, make sure your gas cap tests out ok. there are 2 soloniods that fail on the cannister and usually break when removing. that is why the assembly is reccomended. the cost is about 300 for the cannister and 1 hour in labor.

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