Q: P0410 & P0491 Codes on 2006 Mercury Milan

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My car just threw 2 codes related to the Secondary Air Injection System. Based on the ese codes can you give any direct on what I might be looking at, specifically, to repair? ie: air pump, check vavle?
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P0410 is a generic AIR system inop code. I do not see a P0491 air system fault code - could it be P0419 - that would be a fault for air injection system "B" relay.
No, definately P0491. "Secondary Air Injection System Insufficient flow" See it here

Funny, the check engine light went off. The codes are still in there. I am going to clear them and see what happens
I have the same thing on my 2006 Mercury Milan, both codes. I was told by the Ford dealer that I need a new diverter valve on the air injection pump costing $485 for part and labor! Part costs about 50% of bill price. I am searching for the part to see if I can do it myself of if there are other options. If the car will pass my state emissions test, I will most likely fix it at a later date. Hope you have better luck and this information helps.
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