Q: P0410 and P0460 on 1997 Mercedes-Benz C230

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The codes P0410 and P0460 are read when inputting my OBDII sensor unit under my steering wheel and are triggering my check engine light. I have read that the P0410 is the secondary air injection malfunction and probably just need to clean some air lines to fix the code. How do I locate and know which lines to clean? The second code P0460 is stated as the Fuel Level Sensor "A" Circuit Malfunction. If I understand correctly there are two fuel level sensors located on the driver and the passenger side underneath the rear seat cushion of the car. How can I know which sending unit to replace? If I only need to replace the "A" sensor then obviously I only want to buy and work on the "A" side of the vehicle. Thank you so much for your help.
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If you really want to try to fix this yourself, get a good repair manual, I suggest checking with Bentley Manuals: Read up on the air pump system, understand how it works, then you can start to look at it and find the problem. Same with the fuel level sensor.
If they don't have a manual, try The online subscriptions are very inexpensive and will provide you with very good, accurate information.
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