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Q: p0 300 diagnostic code on 2001 Toyota Corolla

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Hey everyone ... I need some help regarding a P0300 error I'm getting in my 2001 Toyota Corolla. My check engine light came on so I took the car in to the dealership - they told me about the P0300 error and that it could be caused due to a multiple reasons ... bad plugs, low grade fuel etc. I have 65,500 miles on it now.

In addition to the light, I have the follownig problem: When I start my car, the engine fires up instantly, but when I shift it into Drive or Reverse and step on the gas a little, it wants to stall. The car doesn't start rolling immediately. I need to let it run in idle for 30 seconds or so before it will move. It happens more often than not when the car has been out in the sun for a long time. Early morning I have no trouble with it but when I get off work, which is when the cars been in the sun all day, I have the problem without fail.

I would really appreciate any pointers from you guys ... cos I'm over the warranty and can't afford to keep taking it to the dealership ... it seems like they're trying to take me for a ride. Thanks in advance !!!!
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first of all, stay away from the dealership and go to a good repair shop. check our directory at the top of the page for a shop near you.
the 300 code is a random missfire code. i would start with plugs as it is basic maintenance that is due.
anything beyond that would require a diag that will pin point the failure.

Thank you roy we have changes the plugs and are going to see how that works...The light is still on do we need to take it to a mechanic to have it reset or will it reset itself when the problem is solved
in time it will re set. but for now, remove a battery cable for about 1 minute and re attach. that should clear it.

Cool...You were very helpful thank you very much I posed another problem with the light panel just a few minutes ago any suggestions on that one also.... Thanks
after the failure is found and repaired, the tech will re set the light. how is it running since you put the plugs in??

I have the same problem with my 2001 Corolla LE with 140,000 miles on it. P0300 and PO171 (lean bank 1). I noticed that first thing when I turned on the car, it would start fine but when I placed into drive, there was a significant hesitation. After letting it idle for a few minutes, it was fine with no other problems. The o2 sensors were changed last year so my suspicion from what I've been reading and from other people with the same type of issues is a dirty/bad MAF sensor. I just cleaned the sensor today with the CRC MAF sensor cleanor so we'll see. If it still has issues, it's going to the shop.
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