Q: overheating but not on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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OK, I replaced a weep hole leak with a new water pump, then thermosta, then sending unit replaced. Engine has overheated in the past.Gauge reads Hot when climbing but no signs of overheating like steam or water boiling in reserviour. No fluid lost after 100 of miles. The inside blower works but no heat blowing in. Are the temp guage and heater related? Engine runs great with 13-14 mpg as it is a roadtek camper unit.
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no heat is a dead indicator of a blown head gasket. have the system leak down checked for hydrocarbons. be carefull you do not do more damage to the motor.

Thanks so much. Hard to believe a head gasket failure. What is the system leak down? The reserviour? I have checked oil and radiator for oil water mix but no signs. I guess I will have to do a compression check to verify your diagnostic. Thanks again.