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Q: overheating and heater blows no hot air on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

pls help...i recently replaced the oil cooler gasket thats located next to the block and i the process the coolant spilled.i replaced the coolant and the car began to overheat.i made sure to be using the coorect coolant and after that figured it was the thermostat.i was wrong,ive replaced coolant and thermostat with no results.
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This could actually be a fairly simple repair. You could have an air pocket in your cooling system. When you open up a cooling system line or remove the thermostat, you are introducing air into the system. Closing it up again, it is obvious to fill the missing coolant. But what you may miss is allowing the air to escape. An air pocket will sometimes not allow the air to blow warm in the car. And it will try to boil over.

Do this: Fill the cooling system to the full mark in the reservoir. Put the cap back on, but leave it loose. Start and run the car, bringing it to operating temperature. When the temperature gauge goes up, the cooling system may "burp" the air bubble out of the loosened coolant reservoir. You obviously MUST use care when dealing with hot coolant, so please use extreme caution! Using protective gloves and perhaps a towel, you can "burp" the reservoir cap when the coolant level starts rising. This will allow the air to escape - with a little coolant, yes - and allow you to again fill to the "full - hot" line. After several times going through this, I think you will find the engine temperature to stabilize and heat to return inside your vehicle.

Be sure that you have not severely overheated the vehicle already, though, as internal engine coolant leaks can rule out the air pocket issue entirely. It is not very common with this engine, but always a possibility.
Thank you very much for your time,i really appreciate it .Your advice couldnt have been more helpful.Again thank you...
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