Q: OVERHEATING on 1997 Dodge Neon

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My 1997 dodge neon has been overheating for about 2years on and off. For the past 2 months it overheats if I drive it more than 20 minutes. Everyday! Now that the weather is hot, I can't go more than a few miles. Water pump, radiator, t-stat, hoses and everything else under the sun has been replaced. Brand new. Still happens. Y?????????????????? When the antifreeze cap is taken off, antifreeze spews all over the place, boiling over everywhere. I am concerned about safety in continuing to drive the care while it's overheating as I do not have a choice. I need to get to and from work and this is my only way.
(2) Answers
since it has been overheated over a long period of time, i am sure you have internal damage to the motor. take it to a shop and have them do a hyrocarbon test on the cooling system to confirm.

Sounds like the cooling ports on your heads have gotten deformed or clogged. One too many overheats. This is a guess, however. Good luck. NEVER put cold water or anti-freeze into a hot engine! Joe R.
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