overheating on 1995 Ford Contour

my 95 ford contour overheats when heater in on or off we replaced the thermostat but it still does it and the hoses are cold when it is running but sucks tall the anrifreeze out of overflow then when you shut the car off it fills back up for some reason the water is not circulating properly please help

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check the cooling fuse inside the power distribution box under the hood of the car , it will be a 60A little square fuse with a T type element.... position 49, refer to your car manual for location , had the same problem, it was just a fuse.
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Does your radiator get hot and do so evenly all over? This is to see if the radiator is flowing correctly. Can you run the car with the radiator cap off for any period of time? This is also a cooling system flow test. Also try draining you radiator. Does it flow out or does it drip, drip, drip? This is to see if the radiator is plugged. What color is your coolant? Is it green ( normal) or is it rusty. If it is rusty, then you may have a plugged up cooling system.
check the sender units, surprisingly the car could be saying it is overheating but isnt(dunno if you've actually had symptoms) my 98' contour guage was saying it did but really wasn't. was running at a nice temp, was just the senders. also check if the electric fans are running, could also be the cause of over heating
your water is broken its propellers replace your coolant sensor and the water temp sensor easy to do to make sure your getting the correct reading if waterpump is broken it wont cirulate the water correctly so fan wont run wright and wont come on to cool the car turn your air conition on this will keep turn the fan on and the car will not overheat