Q: Overheating on 2006 Dodge Magnum

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My car ran hot one time Never had the problem before. I had it towed to the dealer. They said I needed $1400 in repair. Replace fan module, thermostat and gasket, oil cooler and sensor. I have never had to do that much for a car running hot. I did not drive it after it ran hot, had it towed. Should an engine running hot cost that much? What likely caused the problem?
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I don't have experience with Dodge but I work on a range of cars (Jaguar) that have a fan control module. On the Jaguar there was an updated module and primary cause of failure was water could enter the module and cause it to fail. I don't see any recalls or service bulletins regarding either the oil cooler or cooling system. The oil cooler issue seems totally unrelated (do they see a leak), and the thermostat replacement may be suggested to replace just to ensure your engine does not over heat again. Has it been determined the cooling fan relay is bad? I don't know which sensor they are suggesting be replaced, but I would ask them to explain why each component needs to be replaced and how they are related to your over heating problem. Thermostat, and control module or fan relay is understandable.