Q: overheat, water spraying out of front side of motor where fan is attached on 1996 Ford Ranger

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i noticed temp gage was almost to red. stopped put water and noticve water was spraying out front part of motor where the fan attaches, put water in, temp came down but truck started running really bad. is this the water pump? please help!!
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You stated truck started running bad after you put water in it, did any white smoke come from tail pipe?
Did it spray water all over the engine?
no white smoke, and it was only spraying out a little and the water I put in was room temp water, it never made over to red on gage when I noticed, it was coming out of piece that the fan connects to
That doesn't account for for running rough though, did it ever clear up with rad. full?
this am when i went out, radiator was empty and i filled up again and started it and it ran fine for about 10 min, iguess after it got warmed upit started running rough, it only runs rough at idle and when im taking off, when i excellerate it seems not to sputter
Yes it sounds like the water pump is leaking. Was the truck running rough before it got hot?? How hot did it get?
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