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Q: overdrive off light on 1998 Ford Expedition

my overdrive light off on the gear shifter is flashing on and off. does anybody know why?
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This means that you have a transmission system code. You will need to have a scan of your transmission and power train to see what code or codes have been set. I would do this sooner rather than later before your Ford starts to exhibit functional problems with the transmission if it has not already.

Just becasue your transmission has codes does not mean it is totally gone. It is just that many shops aren't really equipped ( skillwise ) to deal with the repair of the individual components so they recommend the 'catch all' overhaul routine. I have repaired hundreds of transmissions by replacing 1 solenoid, a part of a valve body, an input or output speed sensor, a temp sensor ( yes transmissions have dedicated coolant and oil temp sensors ). I have done this at major dealerships and independent shops. I have replaced Honda solenoids when the dealer recommended a $5000 overhaul, that completely repaired the problem. Many Techs and shops don't ( can't) troubleshoot down to the component level, but it can be done.
dandd, I am having a similar experience with my 2000 Ford Expedition, I have a little mechanical experience and would like to try to trouble shoot and repair the problem I'm having with my Transmission. It sounds like You have quite a bit of experience, I am hopeful You have time to add You advice to this post. My symptoms are as follows:
~ the Overdrive light flashes on the gear selector
~ I have Multiple codes, I will post the codes latter
~ in drive the engines falls flat on it's face, no power, seems like it is running on one cylinder
~ if I manually shift into 1st gear the engine runs and the vehicle moves as normal
~ once up to speed in first gear, if I manually shift into second gear the truck runs and drives as normal
~ if I put the transmission in Reverse the truck runs as normal
~ According to my mechanic there are Multiple check Engine codes and He says I need a new transmission. I will Read the codes at Advanced auto and post the codes, later.

Thank You for Your time
I'm wondering if the speed control deactivation switch that they put in these vans due to the recall could be causing the overdrive to malfunction. I didn't have any trouble with my transmission until I went in to have this switch put in due to the recall. Now, I have the same problem. My overdrive turns off and the light begins blinking after I drive over 25 miles on the highway.
hey bud. have same problem, went to the tranny shop got the codes, they told me the tranny is bad; hears the catch i think its fine, still it wont pass inspection so tranny must be rebuilt 1600.00. if you find a better way to fix please share answer, my lite on the shifter handle has been blinking for 2years and tranny is working fine. yet the code says its bad go figure!!! well good luck
My was doing the same just after changeing the trans when i did the trans swap I didn't change the siloinds and TTC siloind/torque converter switch on off its all one peice.Anyway so i dropped the pan put my old siloinds in then I reset the ecm by disconecting the battery for about 5 mins then reconected it and bam no more flashing light so this tells u its not always a bad transmission.Before spending thousands try dropping the transmission pan to check for metal shavings in the pan if there is nothing its a sensor on the outside of the trans or the siloinds on the valve body.Pull it yard is a good palce I payed 20.00 for the siloind board in the pan and 5.00 for the two sensors outside the trans speedo sensors.Hope this helps worked for me.Oh ya the ford dealers sell the siloinds new for about 80.00.
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