Q: over heating on 2005 Jaguar X-Type

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its time for an oil change i havent got one but , could that be the reason why my car is over heating
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No, being late for an oil change will not cause overheating, unless you haven't changed it for 30,000 miles.
You want to avoid driving your car if it is overheating, you will cause damage to the engine that will be very expensive to repair. Get it towed to a shop if you cannot drive it without overheating the engine.
My 2005 x-type was also overheating. The problem was a hole in the coolant reservoir hose... $300.00 repair job!
When I looked under the hood I could see the reservoir container was empty and orange liquid was leaking. This is the only time my car has overheated. Initially, I thought it was the 100+ degree temperatures here :-)
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