Q: over heating on 1999 Honda Civic

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the fan in my 1999 honda civic comes on and off which cause the car to over heat i have check the relays and fuse change the thermustate help i have only had
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The electric fan should come on when the temperature switch (near the distributor on the engine) tells the fan to turn on. You need to determine what is causing the overheating. Overheating can be caused by a low coolant level perhaps a leak in which case the cooling system needs to be pressurized and the source of the leak identified. Overheating can be caused by poor circulation in the cooling system likely causes being a thermostat that is stuck closed or not opening fully, or a restricted radiator either internal or externally. If the engine has retarded ignition timing, a restricted exhaust system, or a lean running condition the engine may also run hot. If the cooling fan does not work correctly it too may cause over heating and finally a head gasket that is blown or partially blown can cause over heating.