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"Thank you, for this website. Your recommendation just saved me $1,240. I almost spent at a dealership. First class repair shop!"

"Saved me hundreds! I dropped the price on the counter of the repair shop and they came down to a better price!
Super tips on what to look for when getting a repair down and the parts a labor makes me sound more knowledgable."

"I received great advice on this site. It helped me with the problem with my Toyota. I am a female and sometimes we are told things about our cars that are not true. We are many times taken advantage of in these situations, which is really too bad because people shop/get repairs/services where they feel comfortable. The advice that I received gave me the information that I needed to go to the auto parts store with confidence!"

"Having just received a call from the dealership advising on the estimate for new front brake pads and rotors, I was having a bit of sticker shock. Not having the faintest idea of whether or not this was an accurate price for the service, I searched unsuccessfully through all the Mercedes Benz websites and car blogs until I was fortunate enough to find your site! The information was presented in a clear and concise manner and I was totally relieved to discover that the quoted price was very competitive. I also appreciated the fact that once I registered, I didn't have to deal with pop-ups, up-sells, or futz around with any type of other registration annoyances which typically occur with other sites. I received the information I needed quickly and was really impressed with the "Common Problems" section. One of the issues listed is currently being addressed by the dealer and I wasn't sure whether this was a necessary service or an add-on to the bill. Turns out this would have been a big expense if not addressed promptly, so I advised them enthusiastically to continue with the repair. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the ease of access and wealth of succinct information provided by your site. Though I'm still getting a whopper of a service bill, at least I can plunk down my credit card with a smile. Thank you!"

"I believe I found the site through a Google search. Was initially looking to just find out how bad I got ripped off, but then quickly found the online service history. I'm loving that. Got every service input, as well as copies of the paperwork. Makes for a great backup, and easy to check on something if the car breaks down while I'm away from home. Most importantly though, it'll be a great way to keep track of maintenance I've performed. There's never been a good way to prove the oil has been changed every 3k or 5k on a car if you've always done it yourself, but this I think is about the best one can do."

"I had taken my Volvo S70 to Midas today and I was unsure about the estimate they gave me (you know how those chain places can be). I hopped on your site and saw that they were actually charging me well below the labor and parts. Thank you so much for the good service you are doing for car consumers!"

"I'm reading through your encyclopedia and the information is great. It's nice to have this information in an easy-to-read format. I'm not a car guy, but I want and need to learn more. Great site."

"Wonderful idea, and a real benefit to consumers. Especially those who are uninformed about car repair costs. Sent it to all my friends. Good luck with this fine idea."

"The personal touch by your site will definitely make you number one in this most important site. I went back to the Nissan dealer when I realized I had bought a Repair Contract for $840 - 6 years ago (never used at all) only to find that I am covered fully for replacement of oxygen sensors - too bad they did not tell me - two months ago. Your advice is what triggered the trip back to the dealer. I will make sure all my friends, neighbors, and relatives know of your super helpful site. Nothing but success."

"This is the email I sent to all the women I knew after seeing that your website was recently launched in an article on the Internet. It is truly empowering, a really small thing in the scheme of things, which make me really happy and feel a little more knowledge. The email reads:

Hey Yall,
I sent this email to every woman I know, especially for those women who know nothing about cars and dread going to get maintenance because you always feel like you're paying more. Today I wanted to get my oil changed and my air checked, but my dad is out of town. I usually have an hour discussion with him first about how an oil change should not cost $100. Like a sucker I say, "but they said that I really needed that gold plated air filter, and the oil with diamonds in it." Well now we can have a one up on the nasty-handed repair man. I use to have a man call after I have gotten an estimate for my services, to ask about the same services, make and model car and twice they were quoted different prices with at $60 to $100 difference. So I get angry, go request my money back, and hop in my car to go off and find another oily sweaty repair man. But I just ran across this new website, called You can put in your make, model, city and repair, then they give you a high and low estimate, to me this is absolutely amazing. Now I won't have to call the friend-boy who pretends to know about cars, my dad who tells me way too much about cars, or the shade tree mechanic who is never where he is supposed to be in order to find out how much a new battery replacement should cost, because I knew that $500 and a lung didn't sound right. I know this sound like an infomercial but I am really excited, and they didn’t pay me a dime to advertise for them."

"I do truly think you guys rock and appreciate your hard work and dedication to your website. TOTALLY HAPPY I FOUND IT!!! THANK YOU!"

"Thank GOD for this site. Keep it going!"

"I used [RepairPal] today to calm my nerves and get more information regarding my car that needs to be repaired. My mechanic gave me kind of vague information regarding the problem being either the drive train or the clutch, but I feel much better now that I've gotten a better understanding of the possible costs and what could be wrong (and how it works). Thank you for the service! Hope it stays free! :)"