Q: Options for keys not working in doors. on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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When I purchases the truck used some years ago, only one well worn aftermarket key came with it. I made copies from that one, but these keys are having trouble with opening the two doors. I don't know if the truck has remote keyless entry since I did not get a remote with the purchase. The keys I have all work in the ignition, and do not have a chip. The electrically operated door locks work with the pull up knob, and door switches. The keys will lock the drivers door but won't unlock it, and will unlock the passenger door but won't lock it. I use graphite with a liquid carrier to lube these locks with no improvement in operation. What options would you recommend to fix this door lock/key issue? Can I get a code for a new key from the manufacturer using my VIN number? Thank You all for the awesome assistance you provide!!!
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