Q: On occasion, when coming to a stop, with my foot on the brake, the car surges. on 2002 Ford Thunderbird

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This is scary when this happens. No matter how hard you push the brake, the engine races. I have to shut the key off and start again to stop this. What can possibly cause this?
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Have replaced a TON of throttle position sensors for this EXACT issue.the sensor will get a bad spot in it and tell the pcm a higher voltage than what it should.Most of the time it will not set a code,this is an "in spec failure"
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Try and disconnect the vacuum hose to the brake booster, and plug it so no vacuum leaks, then try it. If you try to drive it at this point, your brake pedal will be very hard to push while braking, Use caution, sounds like you shouldn't have to drive it to find your answer. Post results.
This does not happen frequently. May be a week apart or a month, never know when it will happen.
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