Q: On my 2000 Moutaineer the hood won't open. You see a rusty latch trying to move. on 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

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The rusty hood latch behind the grill still has the cable attached and tight on both ends (Release Lever in truck) I wish there was a way to get some grease on that latch or better yet get the hood opened first....
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Can you open the hood at all, try getting a good application of spray on the latching mechanism. WD40 is well known but not great, Liquid wrench or Worth make better penetrating oil that may free up the latch.
Nope I can't open the hood at all. I'll give your idea a try but was thinking WD-40 but the ones you suggested are better. I was just worried if a little over spray would hurt the radiator? Thanks for the tip I'll let you know if it works...