Q: on interstate cruse control, engine dies,will turn over correctly, have fuel, on 1999 Lexus ES300

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fuel relay ,fuel pump good .fuses good no power to fuel pump
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Have you checked the actual connector at the pump for battery voltage while a helper cranks the engine? Engine has to be cranking (turning) before power is supplied to the pump.
did not crank engine but removed fuel pump and ran off bat . is there a fuel inertia switch for this model, have look all reg places
Check for battery voltage and ground at the pump connector while someone cranks the engine! No inertia switch. Have you tested the pump with it out of the tank while the engine was turning over to see if the pump will run? You may not hear it running, hold on to it to see if you FEEL it running, again while engine is being cranked!! Post the results for more info.
found problem, shorted /broken wires in harness, started but still have same problem as before with filling gas tank-gas will not enter the gas tank fast enough and gas pump shutoff will engage. also does not start right away -turns over fast ,battery good . gas tank pressure sensor ???
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