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Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (14 Reviews)
A 22yr old car with 75.000 miles - At this mileage car developed a continual surge when restarted warm and when put into drive engine would quit. Problem was a partially clogged throttle body air screen. Signal flasher unit quit -parking brake release cable broke - -fuel gauge sending unit failed - horn button surface partially broke - color coat on steering wheel rim wore off - muffler rust perforated - tail pipe from cat to muffler rust perforated- oil pump dive spindle O-ring failed creating minor oil leak. Pros- ride quality - smooth and positive shifting trans - body/interior build quality - brakes - A/C unit. Cons - known problems with oil pump spindle O-ring leakage , lower intake manifold gasket failure. fuel gauge sending unit failure - front seats lack lateral support -drum brakes on rear wheels- mediocre handling. Car now has 82.000 miles with all problems fixed
I have a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I bought this car brand new.
It has about 280,000 miles on it & I'm still driving it. I've had to put alternator,fuel pump& filter,ingnition module, & crankshaft sensor on it but I'm still driving it. It has been a Good Car. If You ever have trouble with it dying after you drive it a few miles & it want start till it cools off it is most likely the Crankshaft Sensor. This happened to me & I went through parts that I probably didn't need till the crankshaft sensor was changed. It has been a Good Car!!
Car has had the usual minor problems for being 18 years old. Air conditioning compressor bad, Drivers side window motorbad, worn shifter cable linkage allowing shift selector to not read correctly, radio speakers in front bad. Runs and drives great and is very reliable.
This has turned out to be an excellent car, IMHO. When I first purchased it (used, private owner) I had issues with the engine. The car would run for a while, drive perfectly fine, then it would just die right out of the blue. Took the car to a good mechanic in Live Oak. It took the man a week or two to fix it as he was also busy working on several other vehicles at the same time (sign of a good mechanic, constantly busy) and cost an extra $1000 all told, but it was worth it. The problem turned out to be a faulty fuel pump and it needed a new cam sensor as well. Since then, no engine problems AT ALL! This same car has now moved me to St. Petersburg (a four-hour trip), took me from St. Pete to Daytona Beach to visit a dear friend of mine, takes me EVERYWHERE to this day, with absolutely NO stalling, nor any other engine issues. I bought the car for $1000, so it cost as much to fix it as I bought it for, but it was well worth the money. A 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Blue-books at approx. $2300, you do the math. These cars were built to last, and last they do. If you're having issues, find a good, reputable mechanic, get the issue properly diagnosed, then go ahead and spend the money to fix the problem. You'll be glad you did in the long run. I bought this car last October, still driving it now, plan to continue driving it for as long as possible (which the way things are going will be for quite some time). Wish they still made them today, because these are GREAT cars! :)
I have a 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera, since i got it about a month ago. I have changed an alternator, heater core, Fuel pump, transmission filter, Transmission fluid, oil filter, oil, Anti freeze, and it still isnt running right. It seems as if what i have is transmission related, i will drive it and its performance is sparatic. It may drive perfect for an hour and then after that hour, when stopped at a sign or light, when i go again it chuggs and dies. Causing me to have to restart it. I am thinking it is a pressure control regulatore. It may also be some type of sensor. Oxygen or throttle position sensor. The reason for all of the problems is that it has been sitting for 4 and a half years. So if you have one, DO NOT LET IT SIT!!
have a 90 cutlas ciera i have put 800 cash that were worth spending on this reliable has taken me to many far places like,victorville,indio,boumont,sanjacinto,and every where in riverside ca..problems basic alt,fuelp.starter,brakes,rotors,drums,and most recent car prob. it would turn off when turning or accelerating and slowing quickly.that all stopped when i changed the presure control know if it is faulty pull small hose off if gasoline is present get a new regulator.regulator is found on the fuel line above the injectors.
this car looks and drives good when it does. i now have 56k on it and it sat for a few yrs. now that i am driving gmas car, i am having issues with it. it looks great, drives great, but after changing fuel pump, gas tank, and knock sensor, its still not running right. about to bring it to the scrap yard cause i am dissapointed. thanks gm.
hi my name is michael,we have oldsmoble 1986.the problem is that the car keeps turning off when turning to fast each way and also to fast of a stop.what is the problem.oldsmoble cutless,cirea.i just cant figure it out.does anyone have the same problem.if so please help us.thank you so uch for your time.
Sometimes while trying to accellerate, the RPM's will not go past about 30-40 mph. This does not happen all the time.
[January 2010] I spent less than $1000 on this car and it was my first car. At 139,000 at the time of purchase, it's been more reliable than most of my family's cars. My only real complaints which seem so petty compared to what could really go wrong with your car is the fact that it's boxy (which makes it annoying to maneuver in bad traffic in the city, or when you're parking SOMETIMES) and my AC doesn't really do anything, but I'm sure I'm just out of freon. Oh, and I have no access to my trunk without the trunk key (there's no button inside, you cant lay the back seat down or anything. The heat's great. As far as maintenance costs on this car, I've paid about $700 in over a year (parts & labor through Sears) including recently a new harmonic balancer that went out of whack (if you google cieras, this is a part thats famously replaced in this car), a torn belt, rear wheel cylinder that was cracked/leaking, and front brake pads. I love the bench seat, I can squeeze 5 of my friends in with me in this car. For an olds, it picks up speed (I've hit 120mph). The trunk is spacious as all hell. And best of all, this car is VERY reliable. I've taken it to OC, MD twice with no problems. SO IF YOU SEE A CIERA IN DECENT SHAPE FOR CHEAP, THIS IS A GREAT FIRST CAR AND/OR GREAT FIRST RELIABLE CAR.
overall a good car...reliable
this car has been reliable and very easy to work on. it runs great with 130000 on it and i cant wait to see how long it lasts.
The olds cutlass is a well built car with a lot of built in value,that I think is just as good as Buick ! i THINK IT GETS GREAT FUEL ECONOMY ESPECIALLY THE 4 CYLINDER 2.2LTR AT JUST A TAD OVER 34 MPG. And with plenty of power.The cutlass has excellent HANDLEING ON THE OPEN ROAD AS WELL AS ON ROUGHER ROADS. Olds cutlass has long-jevity dependabilty built in!
front supp is alittle loose