2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette fuel pump relay switch ???
Drove fine . Came home parked it. Will not start. Will turn but will not start.
It was working and running just fine, then I shut it off. I tried to start it again and the key won't turn at all but everything else, auto locks auto door, works like it should.
H o
w do I know if I am getting an accurate price and dianosis?
The automatic door slider still works and when I turn the key in ignition all the interior lights come on. But it wont start. How can I fix this?
it seems like the hoses stay cool coming from the radiator.
My van broke down at my parents last night and my dad thinks it was bc it was on a hill and low on gas, but when it wouldn't start last night the power door wouldn't work either. He says it's running night that he added more gas to it, but the power sliding door not working makes me think something else is slowly going out like the alternator.
Was reading up on Intake Manifold Gaskets and not sure how to tell if it is a bad thermostat or intake manifold gasket that could be causing my van to overheat all the time. Does anybody know of any very different signs to tell which one would be the problem ??? don't want to replace one to find out it's something else.....
I had read somewhere online that when you replace a thermostat you should replace the water hose as well ????? Is there any common things that are best replaced as well when replacing a thermostat ?
My van continues to overheat more and more everyday which never started till the weather dropped down to around 25 degrees. It seems like the distance I can go before I have to pull over and let it cool down is becoming less and less. I have been topping it off with antifreeze everyday but it doesn't seem to help at all and everything I put in it seems to disappear into thin air. I have a new thermostat for it but nobody wants to put it in because they say it's a pain in the but as well as a 4-5 hour job......
How do I get it unlocked and unjammed
I don't know how to turn of the "phone" that is displayed on my radio. Now my radio doesn't work
I have a new battery. I had a mechanic check it out, but could not find a problem. I need to pass an inspection and any lights on is going to fail.
engine reeves up and then tranny seems to engage. no codes
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