1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette put in Freon about a month ago.And now it blowing out cool air not leak in hose
Change the fuel pump but not enough our power to the fuel pump to start vehicle
Checked Fuses all good. checked and clean cables. Tapped on starter, nothing. Dont have schematic to find Selinoid or Relay.
How long have you had this problem? This morning.
Check engine light and abs light
comes on and off.
Could this possibly be the Power Control Module?

Brakes failed, pedal went to the floor. My mechanic said master cylinder was bad...maybe ABS pump, but he didn't *think so*. So, he bought a new master cylinder and tried to replace it, but it's still not working. He can't figure out how to reassemble it correctly. Apparently to get the ABS pump apart from the master cylinder he ended up taking the abs pump apart ...he removed the top part of the pump from the pan that has the motors sticking up....seems like he took the top half off instead of lifting the whole unit to get to the bolts that attach it to the master cylinder, so he now can't get it back together where the gears meet in the right place to have correct timing. NOW he thinks I should buy a new ABS pump (not cheap) and I'm wondering why...why did he take the part apart? did he really have to do that? can it be reassembled? did he break the pump by doing this? Any advice on how to get this back together correctly? Apparently the 1997, 98 and 99 are the only years that used this configuration where the 2 parts are so integrated. Very aggravated.....any help or advice would be appreciated.
code p0102andp0446
New GM engine with 2k miles runs perfect after warmup. I'm a little worried that whatever is wrong may finally end up with engine not starting as part wears out. This condition causes no codes to be set. Thanks for any help.
New engine from GM after the intake manifold problem. Otherwise runs perfect. A friend at a GMC dealership said that it's a problem with a sensor in the enrichment circuit. Van is at a GM dealership now and tech's are stumped. Any Help?? Problem is almost invisible in summer because temp rises fast, but winter is bad for a few minutes.
Won't start after it died, it shut down one day tried starting but stalled right away towed it home next day I got it running had to feather gas to keep it running,after that it hasn't started at all did fuel pressure check was at 40 psi, changed fuel filter still nothing, changed fuel pump, still nothing now pump won't turn on, rewired plug bank behind driver seat pump turns on now, still won't start replaced fuel pressure regulator still won't start, relay and fuse was also changed, no cracks in fuel lines either don't know what pressure is at now gage is with my brother... But just trickles out of port when pin is pressed in.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
gear shifter on steering column..when moving from park, gear shifter does not catch from one gear to another it feels disconnected, will not engage transmission
It just happens when I turn and then it kicks back in when I go straight.
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