1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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Cant find fuse location for my cruise control
The back lights have slowly been getting worse over the past year, and now I have no reverse, tail or turn signal lights at all. I can't seem to find the wiring harness anywhere. Any suggestions??
I've replaced the water pump it was leaking now the resivour is full and it is still overheating could it be the thermostat
Power sliding door closes, but don't want to stay closed unless assisted by hand pressure.
Passenger power side door wont close and stay closed under power. It almost closes, but then opens. I can usually make it stay closed by applying hand pressure to help.
Shop said, Exhausted gases in cooling system, cracked or blown head gasket(s). This after replacing seals 6 weeks prior. Took 1998 Old Silhouette Mimi van in for van running hot. Replaced seals 1500.00 . Six weeks later van doing same thing , running hot, . Without taking apart they gave above diagnoses and quoted 2500.00. If first repair was done correctly, shouldn't the second issue not of occurred ? Thank you
It's been doing this for a few days, but always starts after 10-15 minutes. Today it won't though. What can it be?
lock and unlock doors with key alarm want go off still ,horn sounding ect
I replaced head gasket. motor ran for awhile then shut off.normal. But I went to start back up it started. then 3rd time I went to start fuel pump wasnt making a sound.So I replaced it. but still doing same thing fuel pressure tester says 0. Wiring problem maybe?
did smoke test smoke came from canister purge solenoid but its new
checked erg hoses,
my back driver side brake line is leaking and i wanted to fix it myself, I wanted to know how to fix it.
Water temp gauge began running hot. Replaced intake manifold gasket. Slight trace on coolant in topend. Also replaced thermostat and flushed coolant and replace. Water pump not leaking. Replace fuel filter, plugs/wires, serp belt, air filter. Engine runs great, but temp gauge going into the red. Radiator cap cold, but engine dangerously hot. Tech thinks air may be getting into coolant system causing a cavatation. Need help.
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