1994 Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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Most of the time my wipers only work on high. Now my heater and air fan only operates on low and medium speeds. For several years the steering wheel radio controls malfunction when any button is pressed, ie; tuner or volume, causing the radio to scroll through stations for about a minute before stopping. I replaced both wiper and ac control panels with exact same results! WOW now what??&*^%_)(*
Also, the diagnosis/plug-in does not work.
Out of the blue on Thursday, the turn signals stopped working and battery drained. We bought a new alternator and had the battery tested. Both things tested fine. The van drove fine for an hour until the battery drained again. So we had alternator tested. Again that was fine. What could be draining the battery? When battery is fully charged the van runs great!
Injectors stop pulse, but spaks woks ok.

My van has been dying while driving and sometimes wont start. The engine turns over but wont start for about 5-10 minutes. It does the same when it stalls while driving. Also how do you replace back 3 spark plugs?
My check engine light comes on/off. The vehicle is at 150XXX miles but the engine is not (new engine). Vehicle is slugish at times and needs a tune up but this would not call for the engine light coming on. Is this a preset command in the computer? How is this reset.
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