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The radio is non OEM and wierdly wired by former owner that is probably the cause?
Replaced water pump and freeze plug.Started fine. Sit for 2 mts put gas in and would turnover but not start. Was like it was out of gas. Would sputter some and back fire some but will not start. Can hear fuel injector kick in. Don't know if it has a relay for sure or not. In the past before water pump went out it was missing some.
It started by volume going up all the way when I turned it up a little bit an all the way down when Turing it down a little bit
My car will started then it will shut off sometimes it will start right back up after it shuts off or sometimes I will have to wait 20 minutes then it will start up. I checked the fuel pump and battery an alternator and all of that is good. So I need help to see what else it could be.
The car just started having trouble cranking over and idling smooth.
Car wouldn't start, battery seemed good, all lights on. Radio would play but I turned it off, also fan so as not to drain battery.

Kept turning key for about 3-4 minutes, finally started.

Three weeks later it happened again. Took more time turning the key many times to get it going.

One week later I turned key for at least an hour, simply would not start. AAA brought it home, where it's been sitting.

Been sitting in driveway for almost 2 weeks while we're trying to find someone to work on it. Husband just tried to start it and it started. But I'm afraid to drive it now, not knowing what's wrong. It's winter, I don't want to be stranded in the cold.

Would appreciate any help or ideas.

1998 Olds LS. AC/heater fan was cutting out, then working again on its own. When it seemed to cut out for good I was advised to replace the blower motor, which I did. But, now it appears the greater problem is a vent that won't open allowing the air to blow into the interior of the car. Is there any way short of removing the dash to get at this problem?
a/c heater fan makes a lot of noise.
what are the most common problem with the fuel gauge
like at a red light gauge goes little past 200..the temp..then the rpms speed up way high,,hear it getting higher,,then lurches car standstill ,,like idles to high or clutvh? any ideas
Windows and locks will not work as well.
Interior lights dont work nor power door locks fuses are good. Saw somewhere that it coulld be a harness connection under the carpet but cant find that site now
Car has 146k miles. Well maintained. Clean fluid that's full. Shifted fine before this happened. Step on brake pedal, and hear the shiftlock disengage.
I had the rear air shocks replaced with a converstion kit in April. Since then we have noticed the leak.
We have hosed down the car to find the leak and we found nothing.
Any suggestions?
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