2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue Questions

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Won't turn over here a faint click still have power for lights and radio battery seems fine
no signal lights. have hazzard lights. replaced fuse, bulbs, dimmer switch,flasher,repaired broken wires ( didnot replaced)
My car has a tough idle and has very slow acceleration
It has happenes 3 times, i don't hear nothing. I know sometimes it acts funny when i accelerate
Used to have a schematic/diagram I found on line - can't find it anymore - of 2002 Old Intrigue Smog Pump - numbered parts - detailed diagram - can anyone find it and help ? Would be grateful - do not have manual, etc.
It didn't start running bad til I ran out of gas in it bout a month ago
Spent over 800 dollars in shop repairs they say computer not working
I changed the holding tank for the water. It is using water but it doesn't leak anywhere
i ran out of gas in my 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue put plenty of gas in it now it won't start... It turns over and sounds LIKE it wants to start but doesn't what could this be????
I ran out of gas put plenty of gas in it but now it won't start why?
Had a broken wire in ecm was fixed n ran great for few days then sdill ran good but had service engine light n track light on all the time n security,abs n airbag would come on n off.. Now will not start at all… lights n everything still comes on but no crank at all no clicking nothing
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