2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue Questions

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The emergency brakes go down to the floor. How do I adjust them? I pushed on the emergency brakes 6 times and it didn't readjust them.

Theirs blockage by the trunk wall.

A few days ago my serpentine belt was all shredded and it popped off all of the pulleys while driving in the rain, but three days after I replaced it, it became shredded again and popped off, in the rain. + Whenever I use my air conditioner or heating, a weird noise comes from the front of the car. (I've checked the oil, the power steering fluid, they're all full). I want to know if it's the rain, or it's one of the pulleys (+ which pulley) that make it happen

3.5 w/ 200k. Can't see any other leaks but don't know

i put a new key ignition switch in now the security light flashing

It's been Squeaking for a long time. Now it Squeaks All the Time and making a Grinding noise kinda. When I accelerate the squeaking gets louder. When I first start it makes a Grinding noise then stops once warmedup

All the warning lights are on. The mechanic said the cluster needed to be replaced at a rather high cost. I hope this is a problem others have solved. I've soldered bad circuits clusters in two other vehicles which worked well for years and was hoping for the same type solution for the Intrigue.

Thermostat, climate control unit has been changed. Cruise control will not work without out a/c on.

When I put the brakes on and turning it feels like something is grabbing

Our a/c is blowing hot air, Ive replaced the relay for it and put refrigerate in it and it blew cold for a few days and has been hot since. I have 2 small kids so a/c is a must and money is at a low....